There are many hair treatments that claim to restore hair. FUT transparent, which stands for Follicular unit transplantation, is the best treatment to ensure natural hair growth. la hair institute was another procedure similar to FUT.

What is FUT hair transplant?

This technique is also called the strip procedure. First, a thin slice of tissue is cut from the back. This is done using stereo microscopic desection. This procedure has several benefits. After the wound is sealed successfully, the wound will be closed leaving only one, very fine linear scar.

The average cost for FUT treatment

The cost of treatment will vary depending upon the patient’s size. Robotic treatment is much more costly than manual. It would be best to continue with manual.

How successful is FUT hair treatment?

Each method’s success depends on who is performing it. The success rate of any procedure is directly affected by the level of experience. An experienced physician will give you a 95-98 % success rate. Be aware that temporary follicles could be removed before you can have permanent ones re-grown.

FUT’s Advantages

  • Easy recovery – Usually, recovery is quick and easy. The recovery process usually takes between 10-12 days.
  • Higher rate of follicle preservation – Follicles are carefully harvested during this process. To ensure that the hair is healthy, the physician will make sure that the hair does not fall into protective tissue.

This entire procedure gives you a natural-looking and complete look. The surgery can be beneficial for those suffering from hair fall or baldness. They are affordable and it might be worth spending a little extra to look good. You will also be able to boost your confidence and recover your personality.

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