When you need a car towed, there are options for who can do it for you. Anyone who has a car towed needs to be prepared for the tow cost and what that entails. There are generally 3 services people get from an auto towing service.

A standard tow, with just the vehicle being pulled; A flatbed tow, where an auto towing service will remove any objects from the trunk of your car and move them out of your way, so they don’t hit anything else or cause damage while on their way to and at their destination.

Finally, a ‘global’ tow, where they will take your car on one end and then drive it back after having completed other jobs. Below we will describe the topmost types of car towing services of Newcastle Towing people must know in detail.

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  1. A standard tow

When your vehicle needs to be towed, a standard tow is normally the least expensive way for you to get the job done. The vehicle is pulled and then dropped off at the designated location. There are instances where this can become an expensive option, but in most cases, it will far exceed the cost of an alternative two methods.

  • Flatbed tow

A flatbed tow involves the removal of all objects that are either holding up your car or something in its trunk so they don’t hit anything else while being transported. This is important in some cases because small objects that fly around a vehicle while it is being towed can damage the interior of a vehicle if they become lodged in the seats or other parts of your car.

  • Global tow

A ‘global’ tow means that an auto towing service will pick up an object, transport it to its destination, and return it to its original location. This is normally more expensive than a standard tow but often necessary when time constraints involve having an item transported from one location to another quickly and efficiently.

You must know these 3 types of tows to make a smart decision when selecting the one that is right for you.

It is best to understand what an auto tow service does and how it’s different from a standard tow. Your car only gets pulled and dropped off at your designated destination with a standard tow. A flatbed tow involves removing objects from your trunk for travel and both sides of your car for transport.

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