Tomorrow X Together has released the fifth album, txt. This group consists of five members, Yeonjun Beomgyu Taehyun and Soobin. There are many kpop elements in their music video for “Tomorrow”. The album features songs from the group’s debut album, titled ‘Tomorrow,’ as well some brand new tracks.

The music video for “Way Home”, the title track of the show, was made after minisode 1. This “eye contact” version of the song was presented to fans as Valentine’s Day gifts. The Japanese version of the album, “Still Dreaming”, will include 10 songs. A brand-new Japanese original track called “Force” will be featured on the Japanese version. This song is also the opening theme of a popular anime series, “World Trigger”. It is believed that it is a representation txt album dream since their debut, and is certain to become a big hit.

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TXT’s second album is ‘Freeze. It is the third album by TXT. The album adopts a more serious thematic approach, replacing the band’s optimistic outlook with an empathetic one. Despite this somber approach, music is still very cheery. J-Pop sensation Ikoun performs the funky autotune vocal track for “Freeze”.

“Freeze” was published May 31st. The album is a continuation of the group’s journey, from boyhood to adulthood. It has a more dark tone thematically. The album replaces the idealistic approach of the group with a more realistic one. While there are moments when it is hard to believe, the overall sound of “Freeze” has a cheerful, dance-friendly vibe. The group’s high voices are accompanied with catchy synths, dance beats, and catchy synths.

TXT’s May 2012 release of ‘Freeze,’ their second full-length album, was the result. The ten tracks that make up the ‘Freeze album include three singles from their debut album and two from the third. This title, which means “freeze” in Japanese is not a bad thing. If you don’t read the lyrics you won’t know what you can expect. Keep in mind that the album title is “freeze”, and you won’t know what to expect if it doesn’t get listened to.

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